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Achieve your personal, professional, and spiritual goals with timeless tools designed for your everyday life.
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Introduced to the study of Kabbalah in his teens, David not only found the answers to life’s questions, but a simple and comprehensive path toward achieving the fulfillment he was after. With 15+ years of experience teaching classes around the world, David brings a unique and relatable method to the Kabbalah ONE course.
What Is Kabbalah?
Pre-dating modern religion, for over 5,000 years the teachings of kabbalah have revealed universal, spiritual truths about the energetic structure of the Universe, our souls and our life's true purpose.
You'll have a front-row seat to 10 hour-long classes, each accompanied by multiple 3 – 7 minute deep-dive sessions to delve into specific concepts and tools. Take a tour of the features within the Kabbalah ONE platform.