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The word Kabbalah means “to receive.” Kabbalists teach that every human being was created to receive complete joy and fulfillment and learn how to share it with others. The Kabbalah One course distills ancient mystical wisdom, previously protected for thousands of years, into practical and approachable concepts and tools that will transform your understanding of the Universe and your purpose in it.
Chapter 1: What a Pleasure
Jump right it. On day one we are introduced to one of the most powerful Kabbalistic tools.
Chapter 2: Spiritual Baggage
We’re carrying more than gifts. Our spiritual baggage dictates the challenges we face everyday and throughout life. Learn to find the kabbalistic keys to transforming challenges into opportunities.
Chapter 3: Parallel Destinies
Find balance between co-creating our lives and the role that "destiny" plays in our future.
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Chapter 10: Two Phases
There is a pattern to revealed fulfilment and it helps to know what to expect. Identify the phase you’re currently in and make preparation for complete fulfilment. Take one final step and apply the tools of the Kabbalist to your modern lifestyle.
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“The game was meant to be won, and each one of us will win the game”
David Ghiyam, your Kabbalah ONE course teacher, was introduced to the study of Kabbalah in his teens. David not only found the answers to life’s questions, but a simple and comprehensive path toward achieving the fulfillment he was after. He’s been a kabbalah teacher for more than 15 years and is respected for his relatable and insightful approach to sharing this wisdom while helping his students to implement the tools into their lives. Through his work, David has become a catalyst for the personal transformation of thousands of students around the world and he’s excited to share this experience with you.
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